2011 Conference

Message from President John L. Hennessy

On May 11, 2011, leading executive officers and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley industry and Stanford University humanities faculty and doctoral students will come together for a groundbreaking discussion on the ways in which highly trained, skilled, and creative humanities doctoral students can play a role in Silicon Valley businesses. Join us for an energetic discussion of how this talent can help develop industries in the area and how industry leaders can enlist Humanities Ph.D.s in innovation.

Keynote Speakers

Conference Organizers

Anaïs Saint-Jude, Conference Organizer

David Palumbo-Liu, Faculty Co-Organizer

In Collaboration With

Marc Phillips, CEO, SearchForecast

Indra Mohan, Founder and CEO, BuyNowTV, Inc

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Stanford University Photos: Linda A. Cicero