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Comfortable with ambiguity. Able to puzzle through novel problems and enact creative solutions. Meet "GenFLUX" -- that diversified population of innovators that Fast Company Editor Robert Safian identified in 2012 as the group that can "embrace instability, tolerate--and even enjoy--recalibrating careers, business models, and assumptions." Stanford humanities PhDs are professionals whose work embodies this essence of innovation. Intellectual entrepreneurs, they are distinguished in their ability to think broadly, flexibly, and thrive in ambiguity. Highly trained, skilled, and creative, humanities PhDs bring their thought leadership to a rapidly changing world.

BiblioTech at Stanford was a breakthrough program that helped GenFLUX to cross the bridge from academe to industry. Paradigm shifts have created the opportunity and urgency for humanities doctorates to bring their skills, expertise, and thought leadership to sectors beyond academe. At BiblioTech, we believe that the creativity and analytical acuity found in humanities innovation and industry can be combined in powerful ways.

The BiblioTech Program promoted the value of humanities doctoral research and training in the 21st century and helped to create humanist leaders by helping to place humanities PhDs in compelling positions in the private sector. We succeeded at this through intellectual exchanges, such as our annual BiblioTech Conference and the Humanist Leaders Project, as well as through internships in Silicon Valley companies designed for Stanford humanities PhDs.

The BiblioTech Program at Stanford University connected industry to close to 500 PhD candidates across Stanford's 11 Humanities departments: Art and Art HistoryClassicsDivision of Literatures, Cultures, and LanguagesEast Asian Languages and CulturesEnglishHistoryLinguisticsMusicPhilosophyReligious Studies, and Theater and Performance Studies). 

BiblioTech was sponsored by a coalition of departments at Stanford University, led by the Office of the President, including the School of Humanities and Sciences, the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, the Office of Public Affairs, the Stanford Humanities Center, and the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages.

 Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the Chasm from Academia to Business

Geoffrey Moore explains what possibilities exist for PhD humanities students in Silicon Valley companies and how to be hired for one of these positions.

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